1. Definition of Terms and Conditions.

‘I,’ ’me’ and ‘my’ jointly refers to the person or persons who are the customers.

This ‘Agreement’ means the Rental Agreement, the Insurance Agreement and these Terms and Conditions.

These Terms and Conditions take prevalence over any other Cool Campers literature. “Cool Campers” is owned by Antonio Canu, Via Sant’Agostino 10, 07041, ALGHERO,SS, Sardinia, Italy with VAT number of IT02559070905.
‘Customer’ means the person or persons nominated as the hirer on the Rental Agreement.

‘Living Equipment’ includes but is not limited to crockery, cutlery, cooking utensils, pillows, sheets, duvet, deck chairs, and table.

‘Additional Hire Items’ includes but not limited to surfboards, mountain bikes, locks and bike rack.

‘Rental Period’ means the time that the camper is in the hirers’ possession and control.
Camper’ or ‘Vehicle’ refers to the vehicle described on the Rental Agreement and includes tyres, tools,accessories, the living equipment and any other replacement or substitute vehicle, which may be provided at the discretion of Cool Campers.

2. The Collection and Return of Vehicle.

I acknowledge having received the vehicle in a clean condition and sound working order in accordance with the departure checklist. The fuel, water and gas tanks will be full on departure. I will return the vehicle in a similar clean condition,both interior and exterior, the fuel tank must be returned full, on the return date and time agreed upon in the Rental Agreement. I agree that if the vehicle is returned without a full tank i will pay the cost of refueling and an additional service cost of €30. I will return any additional hire items in a similar clean condition on the return date. This includes barbeques, tables chairs , chemical toilet. I agree to pay for any damages or losses to the additional hire items incurred during my rental period. I agree to return the van with the chemical toilet emptied and cleaned and showing no signs of use. I will pay Cool Campers €50 if I do not return the toilet cleaned and emptied. This is non negotiable.

I acknowledge that Cool Campers will not refund to me any monies nor have any obligation to provide alternative camping if the vehicle is returned or I cease to have use of the vehicle prior to the agreed date for return for any reason except for mechanical breakdown not caused by improper use.
I agree to allow myself adequate time to arrive back at the airport to catch my departure flight and accept that Cool Campers will not be responsible for reimbursing missed flights costs for whatever reason. I agree that if I am more than an hour late on my agreed return time, I will pay a late return charge of 30 euros an hour. I agree that if I do not inform Cool campers of an unexpected delay in my arrival time , I will pay an additional 30 euros per hour. I am responsible for any damage that occurs in the carpark before Cool Campers collect the vehicle. I agree for Cool Campers to check over the van in my absence and inform me of any damages or charges, and if damage found I agree for my credit card ,left on file with Cool campers, to be charged accordingly.
I understand that campers are available for collection from 15.00pm and that I must return the camper by 11.00am on the day my hire contract ends.

3. Booking.

I agree to pay Cool Campers a booking deposit when I book to secure the vehicle. I agree to make payments via credit card, or via bank transfer. I will also provide copies of my driving license and passport before arrival and before taking the vehicle. I agree to pay the remaining balance in full at the arrival.

4. Cancellations.

I acknowledge that: If I cancel my booking with Cool Campers I will not receive any refund on the booking deposit. If I cancel my booking with Cool Campers less than 3 weeks before my arrival I must pay the entire rental fee. I agree that if I wish to bring back the camper earlier than my stated return date I shall receive no refund. Should the vehicle I am to hire be damaged by a previous customer, Cool Campers will provide a replacement, if possible. If there are no campers available I will receive a 100% refund. Should this occur Cool Campers will not be liable for any costs incurred relating to flight bookings and any other costs. I have been advised to take out travel insurance for this purpose.

5. Security Deposit.

I agree to pay a security deposit of 1500 euros either by credit card on the date of arrival. I understand that without this security deposit the rental will be cancelled without refund. Should this occur, Cool Campers will not be responsible for providing alternative vehicle or accommodation.

I understand that this will be returned to me at the end of my hire period after inspection of the vehicle finds it in the same condition as it was when I collected it, with the interior and exterior clean, and the W.C. emptied and showing no signs of usage.

I agree to be charged €50 if the W.C. is returned non emptied and showing signs of usage.
I will return the van with a full tank of fuel. If I return the van not full of fuel I agree to pay a €35 refuelling fee on top of the actual fuel costs.
I accept that any costs incurred by Cool Campers will be debited from my security deposit.

I agree to reimburse Cool Campers in full any sums due should my security deposit not be sufficient to cover the costs of any damage or other costs set out in these terms and conditions.

6. Costs Incurred during the Rental Period.

I will pay Cool Campers all parking fines, road traffic fines or penalties. I agree to pay any fines or charges incurred by road toll use during my rental period. I will pay Cool Campers all third party damage costs not reported by me on return of the vehicle and associated administration costs incurred in relation to the vehicle during the rental period. I will pay Cool Campers any other fees or charges pursuant to this Agreement. This includes any costs incurred by Cool Campers as a result of any breach by me of the terms of this Agreement. I agree to be liable for a daily rental charge for the time the vehicle is off road for repairs due to any accident or damage or any breach by me of the terms in this Agreement.
Cool Campers retains the right to charge for any additional costs, fees or damages incurred during the rental period which are not declared on return of the camper.

7. Insurance.

I acknowledge that I will be fully liable for all damage to the camper/ third parties should I breach any of the terms of this agreement. I agree that Cool Campers will retain my 1500 euro security deposit and that I will pay an additional 500 euros in the event of any collision.
I must have a full UK or EU driving licence for more than 2 years and be over 25 years old.
I accept that if I am under 25 , I must pay an additional 50 euros per week.

I will be liable for the cost of replacing windows should the camper be broken into. I will be liable for the cost of replacing locks and any damage should the camper be broken into.
I will be liable for any damages occurred while using public car parks.

I will be liable for all damage that has occurred as a result of using the vehicle off tarmac roads.

I acknowledge that only the person(s) named in the Rental Agreement will be insured to drive. I will pay an additional fee of 5 euros per day to add another named driver, and will provide copies of their driver’s license and passport. I warrant that I have no physical disabilities, which would impair my driving, and that I am not on any serious medication or under instruction not to drive by a doctor or physician. I accept that my personal effects are not covered by Cool Campers insurance and that I have been advised to take out my own travel insurance.

8. Breakdown.

In the unlikely event of a breakdown I agree to: Contact Cool Campers immediately to explain the problem. I will be responsible for the cost of any repairs incurred resulting from reckless, negligent or imprudent use of the vehicle by myself or allowed by myself, or from breach of any term of these agreement.
I acknowledge that if a repair cannot be completed within 24 hours and is not the result of reckless, negligent or imprudent use by myself or permitted by myself, Cool Campers will provide a replacement camper if one is available. If a camper is not available Cool Campers will arrange suitable alternative camping, or a refund of remaining whole days.

9. Responsibility If Accident Occurs.

In the event of any accident, loss or damage arising out of the use of the vehicle I will notify Cool Campers immediately. I will call the police to the scene of the accident to validate the insurance.
I will complete a European Accident Report Form as supplied. I will obtain names, addresses of third parties and any witnesses. I will not accept blame or insist the other party is at fault, accept any settlement offer or other offer.
I will, if possible, photograph damage to all vehicles involved and registration numbers. I agree to assist Cool Campers in handling any claim arising from any event, including providing all relevant information and attending court to give evidence at my own cost. I accept that Cool Campers will at their own discretion make every effort to supply a replacement vehicle or suitable camping arrangements depending on how much of the holiday remains and who
was at fault. I accept that Cool Campers will endeavour to ensure any money due back is forwarded as soon as possible and understand that third party claims can take a while to resolve.

10. Terminating the Agreement.

I acknowledge that Cool Campers may terminate this Agreement and repossess the vehicle at any time without notification to me, and that I will pay the reasonable costs of repossessing the vehicle, including towing charges if:
I am in breach of any term of this Agreement; I have obtained the vehicle through fraud or misrepresentation; The vehicle appears to be abandoned; The vehicle is not returned on the agreed return date or Cool Campers reasonably believes that the vehicle will not be returned on the agreed return date; The vehicle is taken outside of Sardinia without specific permission from Cool Campers.