In view of the unprecedented period that we are going through at the moment, we would like to inform you of the exceptional measures taken by Cool Campers in order to guarantee you a safe trip.

• We have reinforced our policy on cleaning vans and are paying particular attention to it:
– the cleaning team is equipped with masks and gloves throughout the cleaning process.
– we use certified disinfectants and pay particular attention to contact surfaces such as the steering wheel, handles, gear lever, etc.
– the laundry is washed at 60 degrees with a special disinfectant product.
– finally an aerosol containing a certified anti bacterial product is sprinkled in the van in order to penetrate and disinfect all surfaces as well as possible.

• If the Italian State or the Sardinia Region requires special documentation to enter in the territory, we will notify you by email to facilitate your arrival.

• We have also adapted our cancellation policy. If your flight or boat are cancelled due Corona virus reasons, your deposit will be transformed into a voucher, usable for two years.

We are a small family business and do everything we can to adapt to the situation and continue to satisfy you. In this very special period, a simple, original vacation, allowing you to find yourself and enjoy nature are undoubtedly more useful than ever!

We are waiting for you and hope to see you as soon as possible.